Monday, 8 March 2010


So I spent all day today on my first attempt at Texturing. Instead of using tutorials like any normal human being, I jumped straight in with the Automatic Mapping toold, the UV editor and sweet sweet Photoshop. It took a while, and I made so so so so many mistakes I lost count. But I learnt so much for next time, to make texturing easier. Like texturing before duplicating, and perhaps not using the automatic mapping tool. The reason for this is, unfolding the mesh yourself will give you a clear idea of what everything is and where it goes. Automatic Mapping, kinda throughs you in the deep end with an Immense amount of polys all over the page. fun times.

Despite the Incredibly long process and learning curb, I really like how the textures came out. Subtle and effective. Messy like the Clone Wars Style our group decided on and I even did a little experiment with a water plane to see what it looks like full.

I really am quite proud of this.

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