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below is some of our facebook messages which we have been using to communicate with each other from home. Granted it's not the best way to stay in contact, but at least it's a kept record.

As you can see it documents our creative clashes, a small team issue and the change in our ideas. My main role in these messages is to keep the team motivated. Which can be hard at times as, when time continues and we are yet to make a final decision, team morale goes down with it. I hope that i kept the vibe light and managed to calm the group.

Lydia Fabian 22 January at 11:05 Reply
heyy everyone.. hope you guys enjoyed exhibition yesterday and it was inspiring..

just thought if you take a look at the group blog there are the rochester pics on there and i for some reason instead of drawing ruins on a mound .. went for a cliff coast kinda thing. check out my blog theres pics which show EXACTLY what i mean on there

what do you guys think we should have done by monday? shall we all have our concepts together.. spend monday just going through making sure every ones happy and then matt can draw the final concept.. ?
then i was thinking to run a quick maya mock up of placements for the floor plan so matt can get on with some boards of our camera movement around the environment..

does that sound cool?

Andi Bennett 22 January at 11:07
im down with that.
Lydia Fabian 22 January at 11:09 Reply
ange shall we sort a little mock of what should be done by when..
Lydia Fabian 22 January at 11:19 Reply
oh and matt i have sent you a link to be on the group blog, should be on your inbox for vadis95

hayley iv re sent your invite so that should be on your inbox..
Sam Mcguire 22 January at 11:22 Reply
im confused does this mean the ideas changed to a cliff now cos it means all my concepts are wasted
Andi Bennett 22 January at 11:27
of course it doesn't. they are just concepts, we get together and discuss them and move on from there. everyone needs some concepts so we all know what we want to see and can can take ideas from each other.
Andi Bennett 22 January at 11:28
and your concepts wouldn't be wasted anyways, you post them on your blog and it shows development of ideas.
Hayley Allen 22 January at 11:32 Reply
I dont think we should do it on a cliff, karens group are doing a cave coastline kind of thing.
Andi Bennett 22 January at 11:56
okay, well its just an idea, i dont think we should stray away from it just because another group are doing something similar.

I hate to be the bad guy here, but we are running out of time and i want to get started so we have plenty of time to make this project as professional looking as possible. So far we havn't made much progress at all, and im getting worried.
Lydia Fabian 22 January at 12:01 Reply
um.. guys.. does anyone feel that we're kind of fighting eachother about things.. i was just basically saying 'check out wht iv done tell me wt u think' cz i wanted your opinion.. i didnt mean for everyone to go off and change their ideas.

also i'm under the impression that you and sam may think me and andi are being a bit gay about ideas, if as though we're taking control.. we don't want to take control as we want to be constructive as a group and your opinions count and are important.
i first got this feeling when me n andi went off to rochester and you two stayed in class, which was the plan and then hayley wouldv liked us to stay.. which she wasn't very clear about.. as she said it was fine.

please if there's any thing wrong or you're annoyed about just say. i don't think im the only one thinking like this..
i want us to have a good time and just crack on ..

also are you in on monday?

Matt Vadis 22 January at 12:14 Reply
Okay read the thread. I agree with Andi we should stick to the idea, if another group is doing something similar then we'll have to dominate them with our righteous badassness. Also it's not finalized yet so, if we can get all our ideas ready for mon (maybe with some variations on the theme) so we can pick one and have the final concept ready for wednesday then i think we should be good to go with the maya. reckon?
Hayley Allen 22 January at 14:06 Reply
i said that about the first day coz all the other groups were together n got alot done n me n sam were like so..? we got alot done weds n had a clear idea n it now feels you are changing it when we arent around. im starting to do tutorials 4 animation and modelling at the same time, will try and get concept for mon altho i wanted mon to do them really.
Lydia Fabian 22 January at 14:30 Reply
shall we see what we can do over weekend and spend as long as we need on monday doing concepts? even if we just assign the modelling sections that are needed to one another then we can get on that.

i think we'll be alright. just need to make a deadline chart thing

cool with the getting on with tutorials.. found anything helpful? i've just been playing in photoshop with different textures and brushes for concept stuff.
Andi Bennett 22 January at 16:49
well im glad thats sorted, i dont think we have changed anything, well not intentionally, its gunna be alright guys, we just need to pull together monday with the designs and work our asses off.
Hayley Allen 25 January at 10:44 Reply
Hey guys sorry im nt in today, im going to scan in my concepts and add them to my blog in a sec so you can have a look. hope that was the kinda thing you wanted x x
Andi Bennett 25 January at 10:49
thats cool hayley, we are all on our way in now, we will try and move towards the final concept, and incorporate ideas from everyones concepts.
Hayley Allen 29 January at 18:28 Reply
Hey guys i was just wondering who is modelling the tree? i was thinking rather than the orbs flying round it could they be hanging from the tree a bit like forbidden fruit? the character could pull 1 off the tree or something? x x
Lydia Fabian 29 January at 18:40 Reply
hey.. since me matt n sam spoke to jared about our project he said we needed more of a purpose..
i made a messy blog post on the team blog if you want to see ways of giving it purpose. any questions shout me.

Lydia Fabian 29 January at 18:41 Reply
andi was meant to be doing tree.. and alex said it'd be asier to do a dead tree.. blaaahhh sam can fill you guys in
Hayley Allen 29 January at 18:49 Reply
Im jst asking about the orbs coz was guna start that 2night. the tree could still be dead with the orbs hanging from it. and what do you mean by purpose?x x
Lydia Fabian 29 January at 20:23 Reply
iv been trying to think of what i mean by purpose..

jared said we need a purpose.

something educational -
something linking us with a potential client - advertisement promotion of an existing castle.. we could get floor plans and stuff n half the works done for us.

not just a little story we've made up to lead us around the environment.

one thing jared did like was that we start with looking at a 2d picture of the castle.. (character holds it up) then when we pull it down we see the ruined castle.. that was andis idea.. nice way to get us into the story..

i was tlaking to sam about know that map thats in harry potter which shows where a character is walkig about.. liek we could have a map of this place?

i wrote in the blog.. soemthing about maybe our character has something of a symbol (necklace, item, tattoo) which links with the castle.. and starts a reaction.

im just trying to think of more of a purpose to our film.

pfff i dont know.
Lydia Fabian 29 January at 20:24 Reply
*but do what you liek with the orbs.. need matt t talk to as he's doing the drawing.. id prefer them maybe sat on the tree or something.
Sam Mcguire 29 January at 21:12 Reply
hey just thought I would input something i like the idea of doing it for a client in some kinda informative manner. when I mentioned to jared that I'm doing a talk at my bros school he said use them for research and if they have an awesome idea we can use it, and have a way of justifying it. also by purpose jared means a reasoning behind our work not just creating something for no reason. I know what me and Lydia are saying sounds like we have to change a fair bit but it's from jareds feedback that we are saying it
Andi Bennett 29 January at 21:57
im down with it... we just need to get going as soon as.

i have a horrible feeling that if we don't finalise now we will fall behind. Meanwhile, im terribly confused as to what im supposed to be modeling as everyone has kinda moved off of their own bits and i know the tree n fountain may not happen now. so lemme know what im supposed to be modeling and ill get on with it.
Matt Vadis 30 January at 13:24 Reply
I'm listening and will be thinking of ways to add narrative over the weekend. Sam if possible could you email Andi and Hayley what's been modelled so far, maybe they can get a rough idea of the shape it's taking. Also like Lydia said check out her team blog post to think more about purpose ideas and my picture of the layout; should give you a rough idea of the structure. Of course you can change the bits you don't like.

We might have to change stuff, but i don't think that's important. Once we're clear about the narrative it'll all come together even if we do have less time cos it'll be a better idea, which is better than spending more time on a pants idea. Can't polish a turd.

Also about the orbs, another idea was having them as glowing butterflies or fireflies but again, what they are depends on what the purpose of whole thing is so if you think of more ideas post em. I'm curious to hear what the kids have to say at Sam's thing, could give us what we need.
Lydia Fabian 30 January at 15:29 Reply
im putting confidence in sams talk too.
im sure once we've got an idea we will easily crack on :)

should be tlkn like this on the blog u know..
Hayley Allen 30 January at 22:07 Reply
When is sams talk? What about the fountain being the fountain of youth, and the tree has part of its roots in the water so thats why its massive. The character could not be alone, s/he could having a dying friend in the boat, so they need the water to save them. if they are knights or something the one in the boat could have a stab wound in their side maybe? i dont know lol. and i think at the end of the project our chats could be copied to the blog. btw matt ive printed your concept i really liked it x x
Sam Mcguire 01 February at 08:58 Reply
hey guys sorry but my talk has been delayed till next monday i dont know what you want to do but im still gunna do the talk also im gunna email what ive done so far out. so can i please have andi and hayleys email addresses.
Andi Bennett 01 February at 09:30
Hayley Allen 01 February at 10:31 Reply
Lydia Fabian 01 February at 10:43 Reply
check the team blog i put up something which might help to tell a story in a cool way. tell me what you think
Sam Mcguire 01 February at 10:58 Reply
ive done some bloggy stuff as well
Andi Bennett 01 February at 11:09
okay i read through the team blog, and i hate to be the party pooper here, but i think we are running out of time. The less time we have, the more dangerous it becomes to try anything ambitious. I love matts concept, and i think that will look stunning if we stick to it. As for a purpose, how about a little kid that turns up at the island with a picture of it in its glory days, he makes his way through the castle as discussed and maybe touches a statue or crypt of the lady in the lake and the whole place transforms into how it was in its glory days, we could even do some internal animation of rubble kinda rewinding back into place. i dunno just an idea.

Ive looked at the models and they look pretty cool, are we all in on thursday or is anyone heading to barcelona?
Lydia Fabian 01 February at 11:14 Reply
like the idea of the kid and then the whole castle transforms into its glory.

i don't know how to model my part for this entrance.. i need matts or anyone's help?
Andi Bennett 01 February at 11:14
what part are you doing?
Lydia Fabian 01 February at 11:17 Reply
the dock entrance part.. shall everyone just say what they're modelling again.. as things have changed a little.

Andi Bennett 01 February at 11:20
well i'll take the archway stairs things, and whatever is decided for inside the castle, if its going to be a statue i think we should decide now as i really don't mind modeling a human, but its gunna take time.
Sam Mcguire 01 February at 11:32 Reply
i can give you a hand if you want lydia. i am modelling the castle structure i can also look at the animation of bricks falling of you want seeing as its to do with the structure even if i just research it
Andi Bennett 01 February at 11:33
yeah sounds good to way be a case of filling in the holes modeled in the ruined model and animating them?
Hayley Allen 01 February at 11:36 Reply
Im modelling the boat and additional items, maybe skeletons, wall hangings etc. i wondered if someone could make a logo or crest i could use as a texture on my models? i was using a tree but if its changing thats fine. erm also on my blog i drew a concept of a statue holding a glowing orb or light i dont know if you want to use it x
Andi Bennett 01 February at 11:39
yeah i like that idea.
Matt Vadis 01 February at 11:43 Reply
okay so we're all sticking to the original plan. I'll be going Barcelona on thurs, so i'll make sure i put some images up on the blog maybe some mood pics, colour variations and stuff before i go. I'll be in on wednesday so we can finalize exactly what's gonna happen regarding the poxy narrative.

Also i'd like to say you shouldn't feel like it has to be 2d characters in a 3d world cos that's what i'm interested in, see it more as an option that we have. I'm fine with doing it but if there's a better way of showing what we want to show then we should do that. I'll be staying online in case we need to talk about anything. Peace crackers
Andi Bennett 01 February at 11:46
haha crackers... it's true.

sounds good matt, im still pretty stoked about the 2d character. I think it will have a really nice contrast against the environment. I just want to make sure we get a move on so we all have a comfortable time getting this done.
Matt Vadis 01 February at 11:47 Reply
oh yeah, Hayley whenever i try to watch your vids it says, the video is currently unavailable?
Andi Bennett 01 February at 11:47
same for me
Hayley Allen 01 February at 11:53 Reply
Oh ok il have a look later see whats wrong. They are of water and a flag blowing
Matt Vadis 01 February at 11:53 Reply
okay, i'm gonna Wiki lady in the lake
Matt Vadis 01 February at 13:56 Reply
I was looking at the some of the myths of the lady in the lake, i didn't know much about it, but apparently she's the person/thing/spirit who gave king arthur his legendary blade excalibur, sorry if you knew that. The stories about it seem a bit vague and open to interpretation.

If that's the case why don't we have the main character as king arthur, who's come to this island in search of the sword. As he arrives on the island we could have Andi's idea of the comparison of how it looked according to rumour (which is why he has travelled there) and it's actual ruined image.

In pictures of the myth it often shows the lady of the lake presenting the sword to Arthur from the water like in the link. Why don't we have a similar image of that but instead of the lake it's presented from water in the fountain at the top of castle.

Alternatively it might be quite cool (and if you don't want to deal with water effects) to have Hayley's statue idea, but of the lady, embedded in the epic tree holding the sword out for Arthur to take.

As far as the castle's purpose is concerned, it doesn't look well fortified in the way that other castles are because it was never intended to fend off invaders, which explains why it looks more decorative - it's purpose is to house the legendary sword so it's not conventional in that sense and we can get away with our uncastle-like-castle.

On his way up to the top arthur could see a load of references to the King arthur legend, i'm not sure exactly what they are but, we could do some research into it. I like the idea of using sound to lure the person around the grounds, calling him up to the sword. I remember Andi saying Lydia created some cool ghost like voices using some music software? That might be an idea.

I realise these are all the things that you guys were all thinking about anyway, like sword in the stone and stuff i'm just trying to bring it together. It's a bit cheesy but solid and would be happy to do it.

However i am still having trouble thinking of a potential client for the project - is it a level for a game, educational, maybe we're designing an area/ride for a theme park? Get back to me.

Man i just wrote an essay. Sorry.
Andi Bennett 01 February at 14:01
i like the idea... i like it alot, why are we thinking of potential clients?

people don't make movies to please a client... they do it to entertain people, i think we should do it to tell this little king arthur extract.
Matt Vadis 01 February at 14:09 Reply
I understand what your saying but if we're telling a story just for it's own sake (or, you know, just to pass a unit) then nobody is going to care. The best way to entertain people is to know our audience and have an idea what we want to say to them.
Sam Mcguire 01 February at 15:06 Reply
how bout a client of say a museum but its to inform kids about englands most famous legend that way it doesn't have to be to serious we can also relate it to my talk thing next week. i like this direction as i originally wanted to use a myth anyway
Andi Bennett 01 February at 15:08
sounds good to me.
Lydia Fabian 01 February at 16:15 Reply
im with that..

that was a lot of reading i just did.

cool so everyones happy doing this idea of showing a myth/legends of the past about king arthur?
The audience would know this becuase of all the tell signs of the environement..

maybe in the sky (like jason and the argonaughts) we have a blink of a face of him being watched.


What did people think to the idea of illustrating little 2d scenes? maybe when king arthur is looking around the castle to get to the sword ?
(btw love the idea of the lady being a statue holding out the sword)

I'm feeling enthusiastic now because we're all talking about it and getting hyped which is awesome.
im ready for some serious crack down onto this unit.

I want to make something that looks pretty awesome,

and sam yes totally right about making it liek a museum event to attract young audiences.

i wasnt meaning to look for a client i just was trying to think up anything for a purpose as to why this environemtn exists and whats it all about..

we have our story now..

i like it
makes more sense than the tree and orbs.. though that was pretty cool.

i checked out castles on my blog..

if we're not fortified then we are like the Tudors who built coastal castle's more for intimidation against invaders but more so for comfort and wealth. Should this statue be the centre of the castle ruin.. or maybe as the environment is a ruin.. she's sort of tucked away where our character looks for her.

or not lol

Good work today though guys.. everyone has put up what they're thinking.

I'm fine with the modelling of the dock area just haven't got any designs for it.. so i guess i'll crack on with looking to existing stuff.. if you guys see anything throw it my way through the blog
Lydia Fabian 01 February at 16:21 Reply
actually. from the drawing mat did.. i'm not thinking to include a little room. there's no purpose? unless any one can think of one.. how about just the stone plinths coming from the water (where the wooden dock platforms would've been)
and then the stone steps winding up through the cliff edge (like a cave feel) then we start going up from there on the drawing.?
Hayley Allen 01 February at 16:22 Reply
Im happy with this, it kinda feels like we have come full circle, as we said about that before. i thought drawn sections would be good from the point of view of arthur, as if he stil sees it in 2d, altho i dont wana give matt too much or if he would want help i will. shall i use a symbol of a sword on the flags etc? oh and ive modelled a basic sword, i can fancy it up tho to make it the one the statue is holding? x
Andi Bennett 01 February at 16:29
go team GO!

everything sounds wonderful... im a little confused with the 2d scene idea...but im sure you'll explain at some point!

sword sounds lovely hayley can't wait to see it!
Andi Bennett 01 February at 16:31
how about instead of a fountain, maybe a little pond or something. quite liking this image.$file/8%20lady%20in%20the%20lake.jpg
Matt Vadis 01 February at 17:10 Reply
Sam, yeah i like the whole educate the kids about the myth in a museum thing too.

Cool Hayley make the sword the stuff of legend

Lydia maybe we should get rid of the bit at the bottom. If we do we should make sure that there's something at the bottom that introduces us to the place, so it sort of hints at what's to come and establishes where we are.

Andi yeah the fountain ideas are all yours, whatever your comfortable with modelling. If your going to put a statue in it it make sure it doesn't clash with the statue holding the sword if that's what we're doing.

And I'll work on some overdue concept work.

Sounds like we're all on the same page now and we can sort out the details on Wed so if you'll excuse me i'm gonna go froth at the mouth from brain damage.
Hayley Allen 01 February at 17:45 Reply
Could we start with a storybook and the pictures come to life? a bit like they did in the old disney films and shrek? or would that be too obvious x
Lydia Fabian 01 February at 18:09 Reply
like the ice age link i posted?

matt i was thinking of some stuff thats just easthetically pleasing :) .. so now i shall get on with thinking of how to introduce us to this place.. to set the scene a little.. even though thats already done with this little 2d intro idea if we go there
Lydia Fabian 01 February at 18:10 Reply
oh so are we all wanting to go in weds? how about thurs for the rest of us? or do we just need the one day?

im thinking of what ticket i can get home you see :)

Matt Vadis 01 February at 18:25 Reply
Lydia yeah as long as it looks nice then we should be okay, don't worry about thinking of how to introduce the place, cos you're right that's what the 2d intro is for.

What I was getting at was so that it's not just a path all the way to the top we should have something at the dock to spice up the boats entrance into the place. So the first thing you see are not stairs followed by more stairs. I don't know what to put there but you know what i mean right? or not. I need to think about it.
Lydia Fabian 01 February at 19:33 Reply
yes i need to think about it too..

again.. is the group only meeting weds?
Sam Mcguire 01 February at 19:42 Reply
im in weds, thurs and are we in fri??
Hayley Allen 01 February at 19:50 Reply
Ill be in thurs as well as weds, n sam no we arent x x
Lydia Fabian 01 February at 21:12 Reply
yes we have no lessons friday. *self directed study*
Lydia Fabian 02 February at 13:59 Reply
check the blog
Matt Vadis 02 February at 14:33 Reply
That panoramic thing in the link is awesome, like a better version of of google street view and a really good reference for us. Nice one for sending them the email by the way

Personally my vote would be to carry on with the lady in the lake idea as we seem to be making progress with it now, but i shall follow the majority.

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