Monday, 8 March 2010

Making it Pretty.

As you can see Ive been playing with the model quite a bit to create the section that I need to duplicate. Here is one of the earlier versions. Unfortunately I find that when I am modeling in maya that about halfway through a model I discover an easier way of doing something. I am also vary wary of the amount of polys we are using as It could be very problematic to have to high poly count on a model during the texturing and rendering stage.

Below is an Image of the divider in the arches. Each section of the corridor has on of these and a window. As you can see I have also used a more extreme shape, choosing a more or a casket outline rather than just a box.

This is the final outcome which i am quite pleased with as it's hilariously low poly which means that texturing shouldn't be too much of a problem. And considering I havn't really textured before, hopefully that is a good thing. I will need to texture the model before duplicating as that way I can combine the sections with their own individual textures on them instead of making a texture for the entire model. It's cheating I know... but sometimes if feels really really good to get one over on Maya.

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