Monday, 8 March 2010

New Direction

Okay so the scene has changed and we should have a new concept on the team blog courtesy of Matt. The original idea was to have our Lady of the Lake fortress split between 3 tiers and our 3 main modelers would tackle each one separately. Lydia was going to be taking the dock, I was going to take the 2nd tier which was kind of a courtyard before the fortress, which included a fountain. And Sam was going to take the 3rd tier which housed the fortress and the a great legendary tree.

Looking over the idea a lot of it didn't make too much sense as pointed out by Jared. So we had to make sure everything had a purpose for the story. So we spent a week deciding what to do. Emotions were running high this week also as we are now running behind and should really have started modeling by now.

We decided to loose the 2nd tier and kind or merge the 2nd and 3rd. This worried me as i thought that wouldn't have been able to get as much modeling done as i wanted to contribute to the project. But after a group discussion my mind was put at ease and i was ready to launch into the project once more. We just had to get everybody organised again.

We made one more rough model in maya and distributed it to all member so they know what they are modeling, where they are modeling it, and the size of it.

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