Monday, 8 March 2010

The Final Stretch

We have about 3 days to go until deadline. Tensions are running high, and we have had to make a number of compromises. We have rough story boards and are currently working on the cameras. We are Having problems with some of the textures and the base of our fortress is so insanely high poly that we rendering time is going to be completely almost certainly impossible.

My Staircase has gone into the scene, but for some reason, be it the lights or my texture, is looking really horrid when rendered. We do not have time to fix it, so sadly It has been cut. Matt has had trouble juggling both his projects like the rest of us and we don't have any 2d animation for the scene. Some of our textures have gone missing in the scene, we have no idea how to find them. The render farm is down. Alex Hulse is sick. We are all in the words of Jard "DOOMED!".

But if im completely honest, this is all down to the fact that our team has had poor time management issues. It's a tough learning curb, but atleast the shock of how dire the next few days will be, should stay with me forever.

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