Monday, 8 March 2010


So it's done, 7 hours of rendering later and a hectic day hand in day, and its finished. The final footage is on the team blog courtesy of Ms. Fabian who i think really deserves a pat on the back for all her hard work and extra hours spent on this project. Not only did she work on her own piece but she picked up the slack from others and even though we really had to cut our loses on this project, i don't think i would have been possible to even get the footage that we have without her.

After a discussion with Lydia I feel that this project has been a very big learning curve. I think the only thing we needed was a leader. Someone to take charge and make the decisions. I feel this term we have been treading on too many egg shells and trying to make everybody happy and the result was a loss of time. Time that was crucial in the development of this project. It was a shame as I found towards the end of this project I just lost motivation as I knew we did not have to time we needed to get the finish that i had in my head.

Though the final piece was not what I wanted, I think it looks fine, and shows off a lot of the hard work in the animating and modeling we put into the piece. I feel this project has taught me so much in all aspects of the production. I feel I have learnt so much more about the process of modeling and using other tools in maya to get the desired affect, such as deformers and duplication. I also learnt how to texture. And this i am really very proud of as the whole process daunted me from last term when i experimented with the 3d paint tool.

Looking back I think our time management could have been improved severely. Yes we lost 3 weeks due to weather but it's not really an excuse. I also think our group dynamic should have been more organized and I feel sorry for the compromises we have had to make in our work over both projects to get this done.

Overall I enjoyed the project, even though it was very stressful and the final outcome wasn't what any of us had in mind. But I do think I've developed my skills and Im very happy about that. I am also glad that working in a group this term was my chance to show that I do work well in a team as the last time in 1st year completely fell to bits.

So now this is the end, and I want to say thank you to my team mates, and for all the help of the tutors.

I'll leave you with this final quote, "You can't polish a Turd!"

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