Monday, 8 March 2010


The next step in the modeling process was to make the fountain. This shouldn't be too hard or a process as It's quite a simple shape. I started with a polygon cylinder and planned to make most of the details out of seperate brick work. I created a Poly cube and then Chamfered the vertices to create a nice slab shape for on top of the fountain.
I then had a bit of a trial and error periods whilst i duplicated the slab and placed a bend deformer on the combined slabs. It was a long process to get the number of slabs and setting on the duplicate tool to correspond with the bend deformer. Luckily most of the setting on the bend deformer were 3.14... mmm pie.
I then went through the same process AGAIN to create smaller brick details for the base of the fountain. I wanted my models to look quite simple as I want my texturing to do a lot of the work.
I like the look of the fountain at the moment, it looks simple and quite cartoony. This will hopefully be a great canvas for the textures to work on.

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