Monday, 8 March 2010

Modeling begins.

With the new design, i am now modeling a spiral archway corridor that creeps around the outside of the fortress. Think the stair ways in Lord of the Rings around the trees in the elvish village. Here are some images of how I went about the process.

First I started with a basic poly cube that i scaled to about the size i wanted. I then realised this was the complete wrong way to go about the model as it would be simpler to used the polygon tool that creates a donut shape. Otherwise i would have had to extrude through the cube to create the walls and when i first tried this I looked insanely weird when the bend deformer was added to give the curve.

So here is the result of using the more effective tool, I changed the subdivisions to 5 and played with the vertices to give a better basic shape. Obviously this is only the early stages and to be honest it was mainly and experiment and play around to see if it worked and the out come of it.

Next I scaled the shape and rotated it to experiment with length and to see how it would look wrapped around the fortress. And to give me a better idea of scale in the main model.

After placing the bend deformer on the model it still found a way of looking disgusting when bent. Perhaps there is an issue with the model, or deformer that i am over looking or perhaps there is a better way of achieving the model. I will have to interrogate Alex Hulse in our next lesson so I can move forward with this.

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