Wednesday, 20 January 2010


At last our team was able to dodge freak snow storms and finally meet up to discuss our project. We have been able to contact each other via email and decide on a Medieval theme, although when we tried to progress onto concept it became too complex as we wanted to make sure everybody had an aspect in the environment that they wanted to see. This hopefully means we won't have too many creative differences.

We finally got a chance to discuss ideas, and expand upon our original theme. We have even decided on a narrative and style as well as gaining a new team member. Matt Vadis.

We have decided to create a Medieval Island with a fantasy theme based on the idea of King Arthur's Lady of the Lake. We have also decided to integrate 2d and 3d in the form of having a 2d animated character in a 3d environment.

Now we can move on to concepts and then to the final design.

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